Harbor Freight just sent out a recall for their 3 and 6 ton jack stands ..they are failing..................... 

Harbor Freight is now recalling its Pittsburgh-brand three- and six-ton jack stands over risks that they could collapse during use, according to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (PDF) from March 20, and first reported on by The Drive on Tuesday.

The company is specifically recalling 454,000 units with model numbers 56371, 61196 and 61197. You can find these numbers (PDF) on the label on the top part of the stand on three-ton units, or a yellow sticker on the base on six-ton units.

According to Harbor Freight's NHTSA filing, the problem with these jack stands is that due to worn tooling at the factory, the pawl that engages with the toothed height-adjustable part of the stand doesn't do so sufficiently to reliably lock it in place. A bump or a knock could cause the pawl to disengage, dropping the vehicle suddenly.

Return them to a store and get a Gift Card aka store credit.

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This got my attention because a year ago I had the smaller 3 ton stand drop, lucky for me it came down on the engine that was still on a floor jack, it did a number on the fan shroud. I now have the HF 6 ton stands and will check them tomorrow AM

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I never did like regular jack stands because I felt the handle seemed to not flimsy on some that I saw at my HF or PAuto so I opted for the big red with the slide in lock pins which lock the pawl at the height you selected.... see the pin below. 



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My 4 jacks stands are at least 40 years old and are the old pin thru the center type. They have been used on a monthly basis for the entire 40 years. They are old friends of a sort. I had them before I bought a garage lift and still have their use. Hope no one gets hurt over this defect issue.

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I never did like regular jack stands because I felt the handle seemed to not flimsy on some that I saw at my HF or PAuto so I opted for the big red with the slide in lock pins which lock the pawl at the height you selected.... see the pin below. 


Do you have a model number Ray, I can find the double lock but without the feet. Those feet look like they would be easier on the garage floor. I ask because I actually live with a "Garage Queen" , she prepped and paint the floor so its personal now.

I have to say I only grabbed the pict as an example, mine as well have no feet.  

My favourite jacks are my quickjacks on which I leave my car for months in the winter. 

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my jackstands are a different brand, i still use them but as a backup i have some oak rounds there too just in case

  I'm with you.

Good, solid pieces of barn beams cut to size are what I use. 

I don't trust jacks or jack stands.

Manf date is 2013-2019.  Some user feed back on this site.  One guy posted photos of the finger he almost lost.  We're redoing our condo's dock.  I'm going old school and saving the short PT 2x6" & 4x4" 


It's just so hard to find tools that aren't made in China, India, Pakistan.  Even new Craftsman tools are made in China.  Plus the 2 Sears near me are no longer in business. 

Don't buy the $3.99 dial tire PSI gauge from HF.  The head blows off at 36 PSI despite being rated for 100.  

I have four stands similar to Jimmy's (Tubular with center pin) which I got at a yard sale for a place that stored RV trailers and such, plus four more similar to the HF versions in Alan's post.  

For those last four, I'll check them, anyway, just to make sure they engage properly, but IIRC (it's been a long time) they came from Carquest or something years ago.  Still, always good to check your equipment when your life and limb depend on it.

Don't want to end up like 8-fingered Bob or the old, grizzled mechanic at Peterson's garage when I was a kid - They called him "Lefty" because he had no "righty".  

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And while we're there, folks, we all know that jack stands are rated per pair, right?

So, a single '3-ton' jack stand is only rated to hold 1.5 tons.

One could debate why they're allowed to market them that way, but hey, I'm not in a debating mood.

Be careful out there.


2 Of the 4 that I have need to go back. They were supposed to be the same six ton units that I bought at different times but there were slight differences. I usually use a bungy cord to hold down on the release lever if I'm going under the car or if its off the ground for any length of time.

Thanks , Alan.

I found 1 6T grey one with matching model # --- need to locate its mate and return them.  Hopefully new ones with 20% off will make up for tax and price increases.  I like the extra lock pin used by some manf.

Sorry, not really sure what you're asking.

A set of those costs $19.95, likely not worth the hassle of an attempted refund.  Throw them out so no one else will mistakenly use them.

Not one of the currently recalled models - but if a HF is near by it's worth a trip to see if they will cover it.  Can only say not.  We are going to need to get smart on all the China crap.

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