I'm building a SE Spyder with a 356C motor and need to find an option for the exhaust. I've got a Sebring exhaust and headers from SE, which are designed for a VW motor with round flanges. A 356 motor uses rectangular flanges mounted at tapered pipe ends. I've got some old 356 exhausts to source the correct ends from but curves in the header pipes will still need a lot of cutting and bending. Anybody have experience doing this and advice to offer? Thanks.

- Bruce

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Seems like a lot of work, plus you’re going to have to bend the tube ends into a long-ish oval to match the 356 flanges and on and on, and, as you said, none of the tube bends will be right, either.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to just buy a Bursch header system for a 356 and stick a muffler on it?



Muffler (or get a Bursch muffler):


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