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Got these covers, but I'm not sure I like the look.  They have them here for $165 plus shipping from England.

I'm willing to let them go for $150 OBO shipped.  I'm located in San Jose, CA

Give me a call or IM me here.





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It seems the alternatives are the chrome cast stone grills which often require removal of the glass - not a good idea if you ever drive in the rain.  Then there the chromed mesh look which inspires a more off-road rallye look.  The ones you have look like what Panhandle Bob has - they fit very well over the glass plus being stainless steel they should take minimum upkeep and not break like the cast ones.

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Yes, they are very solid and have a joggle insert  at the top to wedge between the chrome rim and glass.  The lower part is held with the mounting screw that holds the chrome ring.  Removal of the glass is not required.

I installed mine from AC a couple months ago. Took about five minutes and I didn't want to remove the glass as Wolfgang mentioned. 

I like the look. I understand that they are the earliest of the stone guards, the mesh version coming later.

I have found that these don't block as much light as the mesh either. They are very well made, and sturdy without being bulky.


I suspect the easiest solution to having to replace cracked headlight lenses would be to cover them with paint protective film (PPF).  It is just a slightly curved surface so easy application.  Problem is when one lens gets "stoned" you end up replacing both since it is hard to match the manf/design on the glass.

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