This is where I stand.  The long block from the CB Perf  engine kit is assembled.  The Magna Spark disty is in at set at 0* tdc right now. I just sourced the NGK D6EA plugs as recommended.  NAPA is bringing in a "6 pack" of Royal Purple break in oil for me.  I adjusted the length of the oil pick up for the thin line 1.5 qt. sump.   I just ordered a Holly adjustable fuel pressure regulator. It is 1- 4 PSI, factory set at 2.7psi.  I saw on the Samba that the EMPI pressure regulator was guaranteed to start an engine fire!  I mounted the worst intake castings I have ever seen on the heads. (These things are just pure crap the way they are delivered.  I hand flattened the top and bottom surfaces and milled off by hand the over thick material that would not allow them to seat against the cooling tin.  For the price of the baby Weber carb kits from CB, you would think they could provide better intake castings.  I hope the carbs are machined to better tolerances! I adapted the old generator stand to take my new alternator.  I have rebuilt a bunch of stock VW motors in my past, and I thought this kit would be a pretty straight forward bolt together deal.  Boy was I wrong. There is lot's of time consuming custom adaptions that have to be done. PM me if you want more detail. 

 I installed the new tranny yesterday and am ready to bolt up the two new CV/axles. I bought all new CV bolts and plates.  I just picked up a nice piece of 18 ga cold rolled steel to replace the lower cooling trim in the engine compartment.  My original was 22 gauge and felt like it was aluminum foil! I am going to install the new one with a new bus engine gasket. 

This isn't going to be done by Thursday morning. However, we are going to cruise down in my daily driver or perhaps a motorcycle or two....  

Once this is finished, I hope to drive it to one of the New England meets or perhaps an Ontario meet if it is close enough.  So, See you all in a few days!  ;-) 

Motor work!

Speedster Jim, Buffalo NY


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@aircooled: Hi Bruce:  I bought the CB Performance, "Builder's Choice" engine kit. So, in pieces and parts, well packed and complete I received every part to put together the long block.  Of course, there are a few options from displacement, stroke and bore to some special machining and balancing.  I went for the full flow oil system. And, opted for the welded 3rd main, balanced / counter weighted crank and lightened and balanced flywheel.  A brand new case, balanced crank, high lift cam, bearings, lifters, cam gear & the Panchito heads with dble springs, larger valves all nicely machhed, arrived.  Then, I added the Magna whatever distributor, and the baby Weber carbs.  They suggest for max performance per displacement to go with a full flow merged exhaust so, I ordered a stainless steel exhaust with larger piping and flow.  This is the fourth exhaust on this car since the early eighties!  (Love the salt and watery roads in Western NY. where the car has never been driven in the winter! )   

There are no real complaints other than for the money and to call it a kit ready to build, there were a few things that I thought would be prepared by them.  Like, the engine studs are chrome-moly and are not cut to length. You don't know this until you are assembling the cleaned and prepped cylinders & bolting on heads and such.  Also, the rocker arm geometry is not pre-calculated so you have do do some math, have a really nice ability to cut the chrome-moly push rods to length and then have a press that can put the push rod ends into place.  Now, along for this joy ride, I am going to a alternator. The stand I have is for the old generator so that had to be machined, (hacked) to fit and align the pulleys. I also purchased really nice cooling tins from the Kaddie Shack and installing them has been another challenge onto the aftermarket everything.  The external oil filter came with the full flow motor kit and that is another modification to the engine compartment for plumbing. The alloy intake mounts for the webers are truly a joke. They took about three hours to prep and modify to fit and seal well, (I hope!)   And, just to add to the project, a new highway geared tranny is now bolted in.  So, I can give you all the specs, but they are on the CB website and, I will say the service and response to questions from CB is above and beyond! I would do another engine this way, now knowing what I know.  Feel free to PM with any other questions.  I hope this helps you with your project!   Jim







Jim, I'm curious to see how this one runs for you, especially with the baby Webers.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll wager you'll be leaving some power on the table along with drivability. Switch them out for some proper IDF 40s and don't look back.

Thanks for the response Jim. I assembled my 2110 kit from CB in 2014. It was one with the welded 3rd main too. After two oil coolers exploding and two engine pulls, the pressure relief valve didn't stick any more with the the help of a brake cylinder hone and lacquer thinner. The uncut studs were a surprise but the push rods were expected. I went with Weber 44s right away. They worked well but I wasn't satisfied with the drivability and choked them down by installing 32mm venturies, but losing 6 HP. I also swapped out the manifolds for a set of "space saver" manifolds from CB. These gave me about a 2" narrower engine overall, for easier installation and put the idle jets on the inside where I can see them and get to them easier. I must say that I enjoyed putting this kit together in spite of some of the trials and tribulations experienced. After market engine tin is just terrible as you say. Here's a couple photos of "Christmas Day" and after.  I changed a lot of stuff on it after these photos......Bruce


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Baby Webers are dual single throats, I guess we weren't talking the same languge. Sorry Jim.

Dual 40 IDF on your motor is exactly what I'd do. Gordon is right, they're perfect. I only regret I won't be able to caress them into perfect synch this year......

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