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I posted this link when you put this question on another thread, so pardon the repeat of information if you've checked it out already.

These are guaze elements and cost apprx $32.00 a pair.

I haven't seen any paper elements for these air filter (And as soon as I post this, someone will post a link to paper elements).

A good machine shop should be able to measure the curvature of your rear deck and bend a stainless steel exhaust blast plate for you.


Beck should be able to ship you one as they come with the standard unit.(But you knew that already)

However, if they cannot, I made one out of scrap sheet metal using a vise to bend it and a grinder to round off the corners. The measurements are probably not exactly like the original, but it works.
Many component car/ kit car makers market a flexible weave silver reflective sheet that you can stick to the inside of the fiber glass hood to reflect heat back. This is a good idea as well as you 'new' heat shield.
although my car is a different make you can see in the picture how it helps.
good luck
TMc--yes, I did get that info about the filters in the other thread, but the filters you refer to don't look disposable. Are they meant to be? When I said "paper" I guess I really meant any material that is intended to be thrown away and not washed and oiled up for reuse.

Magwa--are we talking about the same thing? I need an exhaust shield at the read of the car--that metal thing just under the license plate.

Thanks for the replies. My mechanic can probably make me a heat shield. I will ask. He's a great fabricator and this thing doesn't look all that hi-tech. Although, too much for me, I'm sure.
v v

I knew they were gauze and needed to be oiled, but figured for $34/year they could just be tossed and another set oiled and installed at tune-up time. I know it's sorta wasteful but I assumed that your issue was the clean and re-oil process in your upstairs apartment, which is what tossing the dirty ones would eliminate.

You might e-mail or call customer service the Weber site I posted and see if they can source paper filters for you.


Which exhaust do you have? The standard Beck black pipe or the Vintage 4 into 1? If it is the latter you can forget about the heat shield entirely and buy an extension which places the opening of the exhaust about 2" outside the body. See this post at the Spyderclub site:

If you do not like this idea, I can ship you my home made heat shield for the cost of postage. (No longer need it as the exhaust now has the extension. No more soot on the fiberglass body!)
Bert--WOW! I'm impressed. I thought about buying some metallic thread and crocheting a heat shield, but don't have to do that now that Terry Baird has offered his old one for the cost of shipping. ha!
Terry--I would like to have your heat shield. Just let me know what to do about having it shipped and I'll do it! Thank you! v v
Hi Vicki:

I haven't forgotten you. Was at the Arachnamania event this weekend. Found a box and it is ready to ship. UPS might want your telephone number. If you don't want to advertise it to the group, email me at Will let you know the shipping cost once it is on its way. Terry
Terry--I've heard a lot of lines, but "oh, UPS might need your phone number" is one I haven't heard yet. ha just kidding
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I'll let you know what happens and will send you a check to the address on the shipping invoice. Thanks!! v v
Yeah, Yeah, probably did sound like a cheap line at the bar, eh? I know Fed ex would not accept it without a phone number. I wasn't sure about UPS. Guess since it wasn't an overnight request, it didn't matter. I don't know if the return address will be mine. I sent it off at a local UPS station on Valencia Road. If that is the address don't send the check there. Contact me instead. Hope you like it. Terry
Terry--I have been on vacation and away from a computer for a while, so I'm just now answering. Yes, the shield arrived and it looks really good! You did a great job. I couldn't have crocheted one that looks that good. ha Thank you! My boyfriend took the package while I was away and now he is out of town until after Labor Day. I'll see what he did with the shipping invoice and send you the postage amount. The bolt holes are different than those on mine, but new ones can be drilled, or so I'm told. Thanks again! v v
Thanks for all the advice. As it turns out the original push rod was too short for the new Carter pump Dave installed, so they fabricated one and it's working fine now. But when this one poops out, I'll move into the 21st century. I've learned more about fuel pumps, cams, and push rods lately than I ever wanted to know. v
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