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@Robert M posted:

Je ne suis pas un expert Jean, mais d'après l'apparence des jauges du tableau de bord, vous avez un CMC. CMC n'est plus en activité, il sera donc impossible d'obtenir tout type de documentation de leur part.

My French is really, really bad. From Google translator:

"I'm not an expert Jean, but from the look of the dashboard gauges you have a CMC. CMC is no longer in business, so it will be impossible to get any kind of documentation from them."

@jean35 posted:
Could someone give me a scan of his?

I think what Jean is asking for is a photocopy of a Certificate of Origin from anybody with a CMC, so he knows what they look like.

I PM'd him a snap shot of mine.  COO has a number on it but it is the invoice #/body type and is no where on the fiberglass body (just the small gold registration plate).  It has no buyers name on it either.  I believe the COO is kept by DMV when you register the vehicle?  His appears to have an Assigned AZ VIN.  I'd think a plain VW chassis #/VIN would have made registration easier.

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La voiture a été construite en plaçant le corps du Speedster en fibre de verre sur la carrosserie.  Il y a un VIN(anglais) , Numéro d’Identification du véhicule,  donner par VW, imprimer sur le tunnel en dessous du siège en arrière, sous le tapis. 

Avec ce numéro on pourrait probablement enregistrer la voiture sans trop de problèmes. 

Eric - yours is an earlier model them mine from the # - mine is S2244 purchased in Nov 1988.

Jean - I'll pull my original from out of the safe.  The image I sent was scanned years ago.  I forget what is behind the gold id plate - maybe my name and old address?  I believe it is just a red number for the certificate though.  I also have pages of computer print out with all parts listed, an invoice and shipping transport invoice (my name and old address is on them)

I also have a CMC emblem that goes on the hood handle.  Many replace it with a real PORSCHE one as I did.

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My Francais is not good - 2 years in high school and one in college but that was back when de Gaulle was President (honestly)!  All I remember is "Cherchez la Femme" and "n'est ce pas".


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Personnellement je prendrais une copie, en couleur, d’un propriétaire en Amérique et j’enlèverais tout simplement le nom et le numéro de série et j’y mettrais le numéro de série de ma voiture ainsi que le VIN, sans y mettre mon nom. 

Ensuite avec le reçu de l’achat on croirait le tout acceptable? Oui, Non.


So what Jean is saying, or rather I suggested someone could get him a good scan of a certificate so he could modify the image and get it printed.  Maybe with his VIN and put his number, I suggested he opt to not have his name there. It might work, other than than he probably has to go sign an afidavit to satisfy the powers to be. 

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