Hex Bar Replacement

lol I was looking all over the place.  I wanted to see about getting a longer hex bar and also some replacement end pins.  In my research to try and find who makes this setup I came across CSP which actually bolts one side in place so that it does not shake back and forth. 


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Nice return spring, too.

CB Performance sells just the hex bar - you specify the length:  17-3/8" - 22-1/2"


They come drilled and threaded on the ends - 5/16" English, I think, so one end would be a regular flanged bolt, and the other end could be a threaded shaft (or just cut the head off of a 5/16" bolt and use it as a threaded-on-one-end pin.

Just remember that, as the engine warms up it grows, so one end of the bar can be made captive, but the other end should be allowed to float back and forth to react to the expansion.

If you need them, you can get the heim joints from Aircraft Spruce:  Aurora MM-5 for Male and MW-5 for Female.  I prefer the male version because you can easily set the bar height in case the alternator gets in the way.


Good luck!

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