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Long time Porsche owner and enthusiast. First time on a resto for a '57 Speedster (CMC). And first time for a replicar.  1600...IRS, Freeway Flier, good bones. Taking it back to a classic stock look throughout. After redoing the electrical and adding some features in month one, it is now currently at Paradise Motorsports getting all suspension and axles changed out amongst other things.

Glad to be here.


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  • Day 1: It already doesn't look like this.....
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Will post progress and thanks for the good words guys. So car was built in 2015 in Texas and I bought it from a small Porsche shop in Florida where it has been.  Was also given all the binders on the history of the original CMC build, photos, etc. The "modification" as I'll call it was the short term owner in Fl that the dealer bought it from.

Yes sir...def interested in the cruises in San Diego!

Just a bit about me: 45 year motorsports enthusiast from SCCA National License road racing, to restoration of 9 cars thru the years. This is the 10th. Member of Ferrari Owners Club in the past and 20 year member of Porsche club. Spent a fun season with the Hayhoe Racing Team in IndyCar when Jimmy Vasser drove for them.

Front end now all sorted with new axle, ball joints, shocks. Engine tune a other stuff before I get it back  to start working on the wheel/tire setup and interior. If James007 is reading I sent a PM as I am interested in his steering wheels.

Thanks again and look forward to the learning and driving process.

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