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I am curious about any schemes for holding 8mm or larger plug wires to the shroud.

Right now I am using the push-in part cut off old-style rubber clips superglued to generic plastic separators.

I have considered using Da Tube from Coolrydes but I am concerned about induced voltage between the wires.  Also, to get the wires into the tube I probably would have to cut off the distributor terminals I just crimped on my new wires.

1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI

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Just saw this Mike, and in my computer background but we used to use quite a bit of “J-Channel” inside of the cabinets for cable management.  Go to Amazon and enter “ J Channel Raceway” in the search window.  Try searching for it on Google, too, because they come in a bunch of sizes and lengths (colors, too!)

I would give you a link but my phone is barfing on my “cut ans paste” ability right now - sorry...

It may not be what you want, but it seemed like an easy solution.

Good Luck!

Click on my profile and look at my engine photo.  You can see that I put other wires in it besides the plug wires. This tidies up things nicely. It's been around a long time too. The first I ever saw it used was on old Ford flat head V-8 engines. There are a lot more unusual plug wire routing methods used in the old days as well. Nash ran them thru a hole in the engine block from the distributor on one side to the plugs on the other side. That particular one was a 6 cyl engine with 12 spark plugs. Vintage 1947-8.......Bruce

@aircooled, I have been planning to use a grommet but thanks for the reminder. I am thinking of running the alternator wires through the tube as you did. I would have to drill a hole in the tube.

Right now, those wires need to be disconnected from the alternator when I pull the engine. If I put the wires in the tube I probably will add disconnects ahead of the engine so I can leave the wires in the tube.

Michael.........I'm not sure that I would run the big alt. wire in the tube but the small one for sure. I only mention this because you said "alternator wires" in your reply.

By the way, Chico Performance out here in Arcadia makes a kit for the alternator that totally hides the wires. A very clean installation. I believe he shows it on his website.

You are on track and ahead too ! I disconnect the wires at the other end when I removed the engine, eliminating the need to install a new terminal every time.....Bruce

Michael.....Most don't notice this but my tube is higher on the fan shroud. I chose to do this and shortened the tube a little by sectioning it so I could keep the flared ends. Also the mounting brackets/tubes were moved to allow reattachment to the fan shroud bolts. Please note that those two mounting bolts on the fan shroud are not parallel. One is higher than the other and required repositioning of the mounting brackets/tubes...........Bruce

P.S.  This, I believe, is some of the "madness" we aimlessly wander thru for perfection !

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