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Today I was out for a drive and my horn stopped working.  FWIW, although I may have pushed the button accidentally, I think the horn blew for a second at one point in the drive by itself????

Could someone give my a blow by blow sequence as to how you'd test, trace, etc to determine what's happened and how to fix?

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Find the horn. Test it by wiring it to the lead and ground on the battery. If it works (it will,) move on.

Check the hot side with a test light. If it's wired like a Beetle I believe it should always be hot. 

If those two things check out you've narrowed it to the switch circuit, which is the usual place for trouble.

Do you have a relay for the horn? trace your wiring and find out. Check the relay, make sure it works. I have had one fail.

The wire to the button should be -. In most cars it winds up to the rag joint and "jumps" it there. The jumper wire sometimes frays and breaks. This is usually under the gas tank, so, fun. Check continuity from the horn button to the - terminal on the horn to isolate that area. If there's continuity, move on to the horn button.

Make sure the connection with the wire is good and then make sure the ground connection on the steering hub is good, then make sure the button itself works, using a test light.

Somewhere in there you'll find trouble.

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