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Yeah, he knocked up a Dr., and she married him.

No pressure, kid.

Seriously though, your brother is dripping "Green Beret". It oozes out his pores. The "I've already killed you 5 times over" tee-shirt should be the uniform. I'd expect nothing less than a stick-shift ZL1 blown Camaro and a Cobra. The only mystery is why the Cobra doesn't have a 6/71 blower sticking out the hood.

There's also zero chance they'd be anything but black.

I saw him smile once last weekend. I'm guessing it's not a daily occurance. I'm thinking if he reads these comments, I'll need to go into witness protection or just wait to die. Waiting seems better - he'd just find me in my new life.

Can you picture him in a Prius?

He couldn't have any other cars than what he's got.

I just laughed really hard. Thank you for that.

I will say that, when he got out of Ranger school, he came for a visit. I guess brother's wrestle at those times. I ended up picking him up and dumping him on his back.

I don't really remember exactly what happened after that but he was over me with his hands on my throat pretty quickly. Last time we wrestled.

He is also pretty protective of me, even when I don't need it so he's a good person to have around

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@dlearl476 posted:

A little bit of lens compression, but still. That’s my brothers 92 diesel Jetta behind it (RIP 280,000)

I love it. It’s the new millennium’s original Mini. I bought it when I lived in NYC for parking purposes and by the time I didn’t need it for that anymore I loved it too much to sell it.
36-40mpg, paddle shifter, push button, on-the-go convertible top. More interior room (for me) than my Mercedes ML, except that I can reach the passenger door with my seatbelt on.

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