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I don't know that any were that color in period, but I think it would work well. There was one yellow one (for the bleepin' blinkin' bloody Belgians) which was since painted silver.* Two shades of blau—light and lighter. One was Swiss red (which, surprisingly, doesn't work, to my eyes). The British teams (green the official color) tended not to get Porsches for some reason.

As race cars, these babies got repainted a lot: Repainted, re-bodied, re-powered, re-just-about-everything'd. I'd be frankly shocked if there was never a green "original" 550 RS screaming up some forested Scottish hill or around Goodwood in the years before they became "iconic" and fit only for preservation or restoration to "precisely original specifications."

I like this color and think it'd look great on a Spyder, just as it does on a 911. But I like green generally.

The other great thing about going green is it'll prevent you emerging from the pub and trying to drive away in the wrong car.


*After being re-bodied in fiberglass as a coupe and then re-rebodied back to aluminum Spyder status.

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In my early days I was not yet an executive for a fortune 500 company managing a 1,000 person sales force for a division of Pfizer out of NYC ---I started work with DuPont Automotive finishes In Charlotte, NC.  We shipped automotive refinishing materials to body shops and manufacturers of trucks, school buses, etc all over the Southeast.  Prior to that stint I thought Manual Labor was an hispanic guy, but quickly found out what it truly was when unloading those boxcars of paint arriving at the distribution center---not to mention working at New Dixie Truck Lines during this same time handling freight from 7 pm until midnight 4 evenings a week ---but I digress.  We  stocked a few thousand colors plus custom mixed additional ones.  Back then the #1 car color was white which came in many shades of white ---but white was #1.  As I remember the two least favorite colors based on shipments were brown and green, which were tied for least favorite.  (Same for men's suits then and today.)

I believe that the #1 car color today consists of the various hues of silver metallic but from my own observations I'd say that brown and green are still the least popular colors.  The "june bug" green shades are my personal least favorite.  

But----whoever spends the money is certainly entitled to whatever color they like.

Just my 2 centavos.

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The really obnoxious colors look great on a new supercar, or pretty much anything down in South America.

You don't live there. You're not 21 either. 

IMHO, Spyders look great in white, black, or silver. French blue(and Blue Angel blue) get a pass as exceptions that work. Red, yellow, and Green, not so much.

But hey, it's your car.

aircooled posted:

Green is my favorite color. The forest green or British green do look pretty good on the Spyder.  Thanks for posting those pics..................Bruce

I’m a big fan of green as well (obviously).  That said, I am more of a fan of a period-correct green for the Spyder, like a Auratium Green or a Stone Grey (which I feel has green undertones)  I think these colors could look great on a Spyder, especially with white meatballs on the doors  

my favorite color on the Spyder is the blue of @arajani and @edsnova  followed closely by the silver.  I recently say a Spyder in primer and actually loved the muted grey as well.  If I ever built a Spyder and it wasn’t blue, I’d definitely do it matte grey or aluminum  



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Bruce:  There was a 550 replica here in New England a long while back that was Ford "Dark Moss Green" for 1967-1968.  Same green metallic as McQueen's Mustang in Bullitt.  Looked awesome to everyone who saw it, but that is a dark green.

I can't envision a 550 in Charger green (which looks a lot like Kawasaki motorcycle green).....I simply can't see it in my mind, but try this:    Get a small die-cast model of a 550 and a few cans of spray paint in the colors you like.  Spray it and take photos of it with your "smaht fone".  You could even be creative with backgrounds to make it look more realistic.  That's about the easiest/cheapest way I can think of this side of Photoshop to play with different colors on your car.


It is tough, but you and only you can make the decision that is going to please yourself for the now and well into the future. I personally like the idea of showing up to events or driving around with an uncommon color, but it has to appeal to me as the first priority. I may have made the same comment recently, but as I try to decide a color for my Coupe, a quick glance out over the freeway or any busy road can quickly reveal the current color trends. This may only be SoCal specific, but man ... every car out there seems to be white, silver or some dark muted color. These colors are fine, but the color is not going to make the car stand out. If you don’t mind your car blending in with the general population, color wise, that is fine too. These cars look great in silver, my car is silver! I just think I see it too often. When I look out into the traffic, I imagine how, say ... a bright blue car would appear. It would absolutely jump out and say “Look at me!” Some people may not want that. Any bright color is going to turn heads, along with the distinct body style of your car. I can think of many reasons you would not want your car to attract attention ( the authorities, thieves, etc. ).  I am having a difficult time with the color choice because I feel I have one shot at this, and I want to do it right.




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On Sunday morning, stop at a number of closed new car dealers , walk the line as you can see what the colors will look like. Write down  the 2019 color name off the window sticker. Other than copying a color from another speedster , this is the only way to get an accurate perspective. This works as husband & wife activity , then you actually pick the color you liked ~

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I have been looking for a 1:18 model of a speedster in Ivory/Burgundy for years and either never find one at meets or they want $200 for it.  I know....I could probably get just what I want off of eBay, but that wouldn't get me out to Lime Rock or Palmer or Thompson where the vendors are and I can see cars.

And I agree with Brian - There seem to be regional color choices and/or themes.  I remember seeing much more flamboyant paint colors and then (Gasp!) wraps out on the West Coast in the 80's and 90's when all of us "Puritans" here in New England were in Red or Silver or Ivory/Arctic white.  Seeing a car in light Meisen Blue or a darker blue or yellow (yellow?) was a BIG DEAL here.  I took the middle ground - I built my car as a 356 Hot Rod of the 1960's (as I remembered a couple of cars here in town back then) but stayed in the original color palette with the twist of adding the Pearlescent shimmer.  Loved it ever since - It just POPS.

Times have changed and we're seeing a wrap here and there, now, but the original owners in New England (with maybe one exceptional guy) will only go with original Porsche colors for their specific year.  Race cars are a different matter and are MUCH more radical in paint schemes.  And that other guy?  He probably would have gone with the Lime Green.  

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