How do we make the club better ????

Not being a supporting member for long but asking the site questions before and during my purchase Theron has really made this site user friendly. I struggle to add a suggestion because all the tools of this site are in place. I do really like the idea of removing the google ads for supporting members; that is very cool. The weakness I have on this site is I'm still learning all the available tools. 

Robert M posted:

Just to clarify David, the avatar is the photo and the user name, well, is the name they have chosen to display. I'm not sure why you feel so offended by some people's avatars. You don't like Homer Simpson (Theron), or Porky Pig (Alan Merklin), The Most Interesting Man in the World (Criag), or Yoda (Al)? I can go on and list other people's avatars, but if it's not something they want, what do you suggest, a headshot?


Have I gone wonky?

I don't see the original post of David speaking of the avatars..  David, there is way more to life than being offended by an avatar, come on man, don't be so uptight..  

Any hew....     I'd like to see an increase in size of the avatar, if possible.....Have you seen Troys new one?    His Professor size head barely fit's in it. 

Other than that,  Theron does a great job on this site..  Thank you Sir 



Example of size I'd like to see avatars increased to.  Maybe a tad bit bigger?




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