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I've been refreshing the speedster classifieds and (sadly?) no new cars recently but I see new replies to existing for-sale posting. But,  there's no way to tell if a car has a new home w/o reading every post.  Am I missing something obvious or is there really no way to update a post's title to add sold or something?

Happy New Year

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Time to echo Andy Rooney...

"you ever wonder why the add is still up yet is says sold for three months? Is this meant to inform or torture? Being old school I always figured if the add was down so were my chances. Especially where chasing the seller with offers of more $ than he asked, and my sisters virginity proved fruited fruitless -understood if you saw my sister. And what about buyer's remorse? My older brother built and sold street rods with "taillight warrantee" which translated to "if you can not longer see the tail lights you own it."

Back when things were simple...

You guys forget that a fair number of things for sale (especially cars) that are posted here are by people who registered 10 minutes before, and once what they have is sold they'll never post on here again.  To those people this is just free ad space.  I think only paid members should be able to sell stuff here (would keep the riff-raff away AND provide a little more income for the site) but that's only my opinion.  What say @Theron?  Al

But look at some of these old "For Sale" ads:

After either the sale is made or it's been a very long time, some really good comments come out (maybe un-related) OR the thread drifts off into unknown territories and actually gets interesting.  Usually way better than an ad with 342 photos in three axes, spaced at 15º apart when, really, 6 friggin photos of the car and a decent description would do.   If you want more, PM the seller.

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