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Finished up my project to move the ECU, install a new rear relay and fuse box, and to build a new wiring harness for the engine. There was scope creep.


Literally hundreds of wiring connections later I'm done. In terms of the stats, I made one wiring error (hooked a wire to the wrong ECU terminal) and one design error (forgot I needed to combine my injector channels for semi-sequential fuel injection). Both were fixed within 10 minutes. Purrs like a slightly lumpy kitten.

One bonus for future research is I pulled two extra pairs of wires from the cockpit to the engine compartment. I've got a couple of extra GM inlet air temperature sensors that I plan to move around to different locations to see what's happening with air temps. Prepare your suggestions. For testing purposes, we decided to take a very short road trip (2 miles round trip).

My son is the master of credit card bonuses. He finagled 5 free days at the local Wailea Marriott Resort (about a mile from our house) and we all spent the last two days pretending to be tourists. It was really pretty snazzy and felt like a vacation.

Happy family (grandson due around Thanksgiving).


Happy wife. Nuff said.PXL_20210920_045312285~2

I'm still not sure I feel that drinking free Mai Tais at 9 am is good behavior. It did lead to a very relaxing day around the pools and waterslides. I needed relaxing to do this one the first time.PXL_20210919_225433209_exported_2436



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