Any updates on which vendor may have the best fit for Porsche crested ‘nipple’, or raised crest, hubcaps for VS supplied ‘wide 5’ rims?

I’ve seem some of the old posts and threads on the matter but there doesn’t seem to be more recent info (other than those that DON’T fit!). Thanks in advance, everyone!

- Brent

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It's definitely a wheel problem. The clips on most wide-5 wheels (I've tried and returned most that are available) are too far apart so you have to really smash the hubcap hard to get them on. When doing this you have to be sure you hit it on the top center or you'll dent the thin metal of the typical aftermarket hubcap. The real issue is getting the hubcaps off. One side will come free easily enough, but the opposite side will often get caught by its clip, resulting in a nasty tug of war that chips up the wheel.

When I've tried my hubcaps on a friend's old VW bug with stock wheels there are no problems.



Is there actually a vendor who specifies the gauges of their hub caps?  I doubt it.

I missed the fact that you were referring to wide 5 wheels and was referring to the 4 lug issue from a few years ago in my original post and Carey clarified that.

I wouldn't think twice about ordering a set of caps from SoCal.  It's a long shot that you will have any issues and their quality for the price is just fine.  You can buy 2 sets for the cost of 1 set from some of the other vendors   I'm also skeptical that any vendor is actually selling caps that didn't come from China. 

No, no one is specifying guages that I am aware of - just word of mouth. . . . . and maybe it’s just me erroneously assuming that what SoCal is selling for $27.50 is possibly not as heavy a gauge as what Stoddard is selling for around a hundred and ten bucks.

I feel like in today’s world it’s a ‘get what you pay for’ dynamic - but we all know that is not always true!!

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