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NOT MINE.  Ad is from 914 classifieds.  Pick up only in Cantor, NY.  This is near every wheel made that fits a 914/Speedster 4 bolt.  Prices are very reasonable.

This guy is the Amelia Marcos of 4 bolt wheels!  GREAT PRICES!;showtopic=349638

steel 5.5X15 $225 :riviera $300 : (5)mahle $450 :empi $300 :american racing $300,

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Pedrini $400, center line 7" width $400 Each set, ats $400, fuch's (5) $600,
5 lug cookie cutters 7" width $400, 5 lug phone dials 7" width $400, 5 lug slotted 7" width $400, Boxster 6"& 7" width $400, all wheels are OBO

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1957 CMC Classic Speedster (WIP)

    in Ft Walton Beach, FL

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That reminds me of the place I went to for my 914 seats.  I found him in a PCA Registry ad.  He was in the lower Bronx, NY, IIRC.  If he was any closer to Manhattan I would have seen the lights at Times Square.  

He had an old warehouse FULL of 914 and early 911 parts.  I didn't like the first three sets of seats he showed me (I'm really not into plaid inserts) so he finally takes me outside and shows me the seats in an enclosed 914 sitting in the yard and says "$50 bucks each, you pull 'em out!"

I remember catching a little hell when I got home as I had said I was going to "lower Connecticut for some seats" and returned home about 9 hours later.  This was just before cell phones.

Wow- quite the collection!  The Mahles (magnesium- so very light and there's even a matching spare), the Pedrinis and even the 4 bolt Fuchs (if they're original) are all killer finds.  Any of these for a 4 bolt Speedster would be righteous!  Even the Centerlines would be cool for a totally different look (as well as being nice and light).

These don't come up very often (especially as sets including a spare) and his prices aren't outrageous, so anyone close to driving distance contemplating any of these wheels- jump on it before they disappear!

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