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I figured that since my IM6 is half a Porsche, I should buy the other half. 

So, my son and I just went in on a 2000 996.  Seems like a good car - I haven't seen it in person yet - and it's pretty well tricked out for the track.  It's my son's first P car, and I am sure he will enjoy driving it, as he'll be using it a lot more than I.

Two shots of it at his house.



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Better I give him the money now, than wait until he gets it (hopefully years from now) and maybe doesn't have the chance to enjoy it as he would like.  Plus, we have two tracks in mind that we can do, even with some driving to get there.

We've been looking at potential cars for a couple of months now, and this one seemed to suit the purpose.  


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Bob this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. What a great father son bonding opportunity. Can’t think of a better way than cars to connect with your kids. I bought my oldest son a 25th anniversary GTI and we proceeded to completely mod it out with all Neuspeed parts. I bought the car but I told him I would help him install anything he could buy with after school work money.  It was a great experience. Good for you. Have a great time. 

Good for you, Bob. Great way to share time with a son.

Dad! I'm so glad you think so, @Panhandle Bob!

It's me - your long lost son!

I really like this idea, and I feel we could bond especially well with a Ferrari. Nothing super-exotic, maybe a 360 with a 6-speed manual. I feel like the F1 Spider might help us spend more together: time, for sure, but mostly money. Yours specifically. A 360 F1 Spider takes a lot of care and feeding, and I feel like ours might need an engine out service, seeing as it's 15-20 years old now.

I'm sure we could grow closer if we bought one of these together. I'll provide the garage space I know you don't have, and you provide the money! It's like we were made for each other!

... I'll start looking right away. I figure we don't want to buy something that needs a lot of work, so it might cost a bit more. The purchase price isn't that bad, but you know I'll need your help with Kauth and Mauyer's bill. We'll need to keep Michael on retainer, but it's a small price (for you) to pay for our father/son relationship.

Anyway, I'm super jacked up that you feel this way.

Thanks, Dad!

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Geez.  I've never seen so much whining in my entire life. 

Buy me this, buy me that, can you be my Dad, I'll move closer, I'm too fat, my legs are too short, I'm the son you never knew you had...

What a pathetic bunch of friends I have.



Gee, Dad, mine was the best offer of the bunch!  Just think of the bonding moments we could have   

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