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One of my P Pals in another forum used to own one. We’ve been talking about it since that one was listed.

He’s a Florida boy and grew up and raced with Peter Gregg and the guys from Brumos. Apparently, Peter found out about one that had been wrecked in practice at Zandvoort and subsequently left to gather dust in one of the museums warehouses.

He pulled some strings and had it shipped to a Porsche specialist in New England who repaired it.

After Bill raced it for a number of years hd sent to back to be completely restored and then sold it before he could no longer afford to maintain it.

Sadly, he didn’t get anywhere near what this one will bring.

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That is very cool, Carlos. I love all the early 90* cars.

Right now, a friend of mine is rebuilding a 906. He's a well known restorer of early racing Porsches and Ferraris, among others. I need to get over there and watch the magic happen.

I let him drive my 550 a while back when it still had carbs. He was gone for an HOUR! I was starting to fear the worst, then he rolled in and all was good. He said he really enjoyed it, and appreciated how well everything worked. He could tell how much effort I put into sorting and tuning it. He said it was like an original, but with more power and more brakes.

I've always loved this era of Porsche. When I lived in Florida, I did many T-shirt designs for Gunnar Racing.

They build and maintain Porsche race cars and also do restorations. I got to walk through the place whenever I wanted. It was awesome. He had one warehouse with a vast collection of cars in it. This is where I saw my first RSK and 917, among others, in the flesh.

This is also the place where I drove my first Spyder. I sold my 914 to them and they made a race car out of it. Unfortunately, I never got to see it finished. I also met Paul Newman there one day hashing out a design with the owner, Kevin.

More info from Bill:

If DL hadn't posted the 910 above I wouldn't have gone down a rabbit hole and discovered an important part of my 910's (013) history unknown until now. I knew it came in 2nd at the Nurburgring 1000 by about one foot (behind Miles Collier's 910) and knew the drivers but never knew Jochen Rindt drove it and especially what happened to it in the intervening years before getting it in 1983 from a dentist in NorCal who had Chuck Beck make molds and then an entire body for it, btw it was beautiful and those molds were used to restore several others later.


“🎶🎵 ”It’s a Small World After All.” 🎶🎵


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