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I hate posting this. I had not planned on listing this until the fall, but word is leaking out, so I thought I owed it to this community to share the info on my car.


(That is what you want to know right up front :-) )
Extensive info with videos are at this link.



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For me,  it is only a faint presence of common sense drifting in.
I have a 76 BMW becoming a resto-mod and a 97 993 that needs some proper care. And we are planning to move , so ... enough its enough. It is simply a mater of garage space , time and money. 
Right now my shop is my dream garage (photos), so  I am in No Rush. If it takes a few years to find the right person, nothing but a big smile on my face here.210


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Let me add 2 more things.
1) My car is a Roadster not a Speedster.
2) This is not a "first come first serve"  sale. It is important to me to find the right home for the car. (I have had 3 dealers contact me about Hank. ...)

Thanks everyone I appreciate the interest in Hank. Honestly I hate to sell, but we are moving next year. I will have to build a new garage for my cars, so having a third "second car"  complicates things that much more.  I am sure in about 2 years from now I will be kicking myself, when I am back looking for another 356. (My wife is urging me to keep him, now that is a change... :-) )

Hi all! I’m the lucky new custodian of Hank. I’m obviously excited to be getting back into the hobby / madness .. and with such a nice well sorted car. 
MotoCarlo has been above and beyond in providing a great purchase experience. Now.. just waiting on a truck to pick up Hank and bring him to Austin. Pictures sooooooon.

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