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In my professional opinion it's a scam. I looked up the phone number and it is associated with dozens of cars listed for sale. Every car it was associated with was listed in a different state. The (808) area code is for Hawaii but I saw the number associated with cars listed for sale in California, Illinois, Michigan, Hawaii, and several others. All the cars it was associated with were classics of some type and the prices were TGTBT as well. 

I would not respond to the posting via telephone or email. Probably just collecting numbers/email to sell to spammers. 

Also says avg days listed 920 days - LOL, so that explains big price drop! Plus at 13k miles that is noted as exactly 9006 miles above average.  So for a 30 year old car the mileage should be (according to ad) 4k miles (forgetting the 6 odd miles).  That comes out to 133 miles per year. Does some one live in San Antonio TX that could swing by and check out the dealer? You just have to find the Private Road (which appears to be named Private Road).

I'm in for the black 1992 Acura NSX for $26k with 49k miles.  I didn't realize TX got that much snow though. I always thought the NSX was a little longer and not so tall too.

1992 Acura NSX

Check out their extensive knowledge of British brands - 2 AH 3000's and couple Sprites all with automatic trans.  And and MGB with MGA picture, and MGC with a Morgan picture, and an MG Midget with an MGA picture (this one has the rare front wheel drive too).


This is my favorite:


It looks like a Smart Car Ferrari (Which is a spoof, no real Smart Car Ferraris exist) and it's only $22,000. The website gets even more suspicious. The banner says they're located in Texas, the bottom banner says they are in California, and when you click on the link for an Auto Loan it re-directs you to a website in Santa Clara. I looked up the address for the loan place and it comes back to a bakery.

In order to get a VIN Number for any of the cars you have to request it by submitting, you guessed it, your phone number and email address. The auto loan page has to be a complete scam. The application asks for your name, address, SSN, where you work, length of time, etc. All the things a loan application would need along with everything an identity thief would need to steal all of your money. The only question it didn't ask was my mom's maiden name.



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