Hey Guys. I am quietly mentioning to my car friends that "Hank" will be for sale this spring. So I thought it fair to let y'all know too.
I'm putting together videos (walk around, walk under, drive behind and drive from passenger's seat) and other info for the sale this winter.
I mention it here in case someone has been thinking of an IM aircooled .
(I would not want them to miss out. )
It will be hitting the regular sale sites this March.
Here is a link to lots of info on my car.  (price tbd - probably $45k ) 


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I did it. (and I still have everything needed to put it back if for some crazy reason someone wanted to do that)
On a small car like this, it really does not need it and removing the ps system takes a lot of crap out off of the car - including a needless drain on the engine via the power steering pump. But with the gravity feed fluid, it still leaves the rack and pinion steering in place. Best of both.  IMHO

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