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I'm still working on my 'fantasy' speedster project - not got the car yet but planning what I'm going to do with it!  Looking for various trim parts that I know I'll need, like door handles, demister vents, hood handle, and so on.  I came upon who have prices that are dramatically cheaper than anything in the UK.  The UK parts may be genuine, better, etc, but I don't feel the need to have 'genuine' parts on a 'fake' car.

I know I will have to pay import duty (though finding out quite how much has proved difficult) and VAT and VAT on the duty, and shipping, but I think I'll be way better off.  

Has anyone in the UK dealt with and the import process?

Audi TT TDI 2009

Previously: 986 Boxster S, 911 (964) C4,  a few ordinary cars...

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Have you tried companies in UK: Speedster Clinic, Chesil and Pilgrim.  That UK 20% VAT is a killer!

Many US companies won't ship OCONUS due to forms and shipping cost.  Even those in Canada can have issues.  Perhaps send to someone in US like on East Coast and have them forward as a gift to you.  That would avoid customs and VAT perhaps.  I was planning a UK trip to Exeter but who know when that will happen now.

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Chesil are great, and relatively local (well, near my dad's care home...) but they don't have an online store to buy bits and pieces that I'm aware of.  When I'm allowed out (I'm shielding on health grounds) I may go and see them, and my Dad, but at the moment they are not an option.  I've had some delivery quotes from the USA now that make buying in the USA definitely the way to go.  If we do 'the best deal ever' with Mr Trump, I may set up my own company importing 356 bits from the states!


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