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I am in NC, too. Got my insurance from Hagerty Insurance (check online). Very good company to deal with. I set the value of my car at $15,000 (older IM). I have zero points on my driving record. Comprehensive coverage, zero deductable, includes fire, theft and the regular whatnot, $132 for 12 months coverage. Yes, full comprehensive. For a few bucks more you can get tow-in coverage.

The deal is you have to have a locked garage to store the car, and you can't use it as your "work" car. When I got my policy written they had no mileage limit, but don't know about now. Last year I had an engine fire, Hagerty was great to deal with, settled up quick. Nice folks. BTW, if you are thinking you may use your car to commute to work you may want to look elsewhere. I tend to not play games with my insurance carriers.
Ditto on Haggerty. I am insured at the original delivered value of $24,300(no depreciation) on my 19 month old VS. With some reasonable restrictions (not normally used for daily commute, milage under 6g annual, must be in locked garage, etc.) my coverage is $374 annual with roadside service, including flatbed carrier vs towing. Application is made online, and you'll need to send pictures, and a delivered value (if new) or appraisal. They are prompt, and like John said, they do understand the varieties of speciality cars they cover.

I am not sure why my insurance quote from Hagerty was so low, perhaps because I live in a rural area?, plus I am well past 25 y-o with a clean driving record. I couldn't believe the quote at first, hell, I have taken turds that cost more than that. I tried to get Hagerty to write policies on all my vehciles, alas their nitch is speciality autos. Nice folks to deal with.
Rest easy lad. No names and I only mentioned a similar car. Apparently you (as in North Carolina residents, not you personally) are the beneficiaries of some rather fortunate circumstances for cost of coverage which were not explained to me in detail. Being way over 25, having a good driving record and living outside an urban area, I could not understand how our rates could be so different. Now I know. I found out that the cost of my coverage here is no less than the coverage I would have had living in a suburb adjacent to Chicago. Go figure.

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