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California 2004 SPCN title, highly desirable, no smog testing ever. Tube frame, 1776 built by CB and Dyno @ 100hp, 4 wheel disc, full leather interior, roadster seats, 3 point retractable belts, $2000 stereo (not updated in pics, its completely hidden now and works from phone mount below dash) Insulated top, power glass windows, had AC when built but removed, still have all trim to replace, square weave wool carpet, coco mats, 12v power port, trunk carpet, completely maintained and ready to drive across the country. Guards red glasurit paint was ceramic coated. Excellent condition. Original build sheet, catalog, letter from Henry and pics of the car being assembled in his factory. This car is built right,  and regarded as the best of the best replicas. I am 6'3 and fit below the windshield nicely and its very comfortable for long drives. This is the ultimate ride and has a ton of extras including a tow bar and premium bra. You'll see a lot of speedsters but the Convertible D stands apart. The amp and sub paired with 4 component speakers give you concert sound with the top down cruising 80 mph, but the exhaust note from the perfectly tuned motor is equally satisfying. The more I describe it the less I want to let it go! 4 mile drives to the grocery easily turn into 1 hour cruises, this car is a dream ride. Going to bring a trailer if I dont get it sold in the next month. $40k firm.


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