May I ask for thoughts on the price please? Also the reliability of the Audi/VW engine?

 Thanks, Brent



Thank you, I did follow the links and view the listing.  Nice car, no doubt.  Actually I was looking for opinions from the community regarding asking price and knowledge of the power plant in this particular car.  What is the current market value for a 2012 IM?  Looking for knowledgeable opinions - any input is appreciated.


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Henry at Intermeccanica usually prices his cars for what they are worth in the current market.  Whether this one is priced there is up to the seller and buyer to decide.  It is a well built, good looking car.  Lots of comfort options by the looks of it.

Phil Luebbert on here had an Intermeccanica with the same or similar engine, and seemed to enjoy it.  Beyond that, I have no more knowledge of the engine.  Intermeccanica made just a few of this set up, so it's not that common of an application.

@550 Phil

Condition is everything.
I spent over $12k additionally on my IM getting it squared away - me doing all the labor. (2004 car with 6k miles)
My car was a car listed on Henry's site. Henry is a excellent human being, but  does not know the real condition of every car he list.  So be sure to have it checked out!

Later I almost bought a IM roadster with the Audi engine from an individual,but the seller was so aggressive and weird, I walked away. (even after having bought the plane ticket to go see it)
If something does not seem right, proceed with caution. It can cost you.

Having said, the right car will be a wonderful experience.
Price is not everything.  :-)

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