An email just now from Robert at Intermeccanica.  I am posting it here as he wanted me to spread the word about them still building 'real' speedsters...

"Hi Bob, 

You’ve hit upon what I believe is still a big problem – so many people are still under the impression that we are no longer building gasoline powered cars.

 It’s true, that directive was given to us back in May of last year by our then CEO and Board of Directors and Henry published a letter to clients/dealers indicating this. I believe it was noted on our website too.

There was a time lag of several months before people came to know this. 

In September of last year that directive was reversed/rescinded by our new and current CEO and Board – so now we can and do once again build our classic Intermeccanicas with internal combustion powered engines. 

Happy if you pass the word along, seems like this is the only way anyone will know, especially as our website is still under re-development."

So, place your orders...

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