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So right before Father's day, I took delivery of my SM 550 Spyder. I guess it's the first for this site. I've been tweaking and getting to know it since. Most of my experience has been with a 74 914 2.0 that I restored many years ago, so this is a similar but different animal. Now I have to learn about Carbs, since my 914 had the original FI.


Some stats:


-Exterior color, BMW Sterling Silver Metallic

-Leather heated seats, grey carpet, Nardi wheel

-Painted steel wide 5's, 4.5 wide in front 5.5 in rear, with discs all around

-Ridetech shocks with coilovers in the rear.

-2276 type 1, 44 IDF carbs, doghouse fan shroud, external oil cooler with fan


You get the jest.


I live in the mountains of Western NC, so the there are many twisty country roads, actually, they're all twisty.


Well, here are some pictures. They say more than words anyway.

071015 034sa

061915 006as

071015 020s


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  • 071015 034sa
  • 061915 006as
  • 071015 020s
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My dealings with Daniel went smoothly and without any drama. He was quick to answer my calls and emails during and after the build. I did tell him that I wasn't in any hurry, so the build took a little longer than it would normally take, but I got some sweet upgrades that I wasn't expecting.


I would get another car from him, I just need to figure out where to get the money...   Damn!



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