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Hey everyone, I have a question with my Subie powered Spyder.   IF the parts on the car are correct, my question is can I change my oil lines from the Catch Can to the Oil breather box?   This would allow me to completely remove the catch can at this point.  This is what I see happening on other Seduction Motorsports powered subies with the same Rear Strut brace.   I want to simplify my engine bay and utilize that strut bar if I could.  I bought the strut bar afterwards, which is why it was not originally set up that way.

I attached 3 images to help me ask my questions.

  1. Can someone help me understand Image A, and what that is?  I believe it a oil catch can?
  2. Image B is a "rear strut bar brace which has CNC fittings and integrated oil breather box to vent the valve covers and crankcase with optional drain back." that I have on my car.
  3. Can I take the 2 oil lines from catch can, and install them onto the rear strut brace?  Image C
  4. Any words of caution/advice?abc


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When my car was being built, I saw pictures of this breather tube box thing. I do not know anything about that subie/catch can thing though, but I was intrigued by this thing.

My first question is, does it even have enough volume to serve as a breather box?

I don't know if the cross member "strut brace" part of it adds to the structure of the rear suspension, but if it was triangulated down to reinforce the tranny mount, would this be beneficial?

Maybe incorporating the top two bolts at the tranny/engine union and getting rid of that goofy strap????


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Greg can verify but image A  appears to be a breather can and would catch residual oil from the vent lines.

On the factory original motor the crankcase and valve covers vent back to the stock air box, so with the stock box deleted and the intake modified, I'd assume they needed a place for the vent lines to run, and a catch can makes sense.  You should have one fitting off each valve cover and one central engine case fitting (that normally runs to a PCV valve).  There is also a little "pipe system" that comes off the stock intake manifold and circles back to itself.  We retain all of the stock breather system on our builds, and while I normally try not to make assumptions about others builds, I think my reply is a safe assumption because you wouldn't want to plug those 3 vents.  Now the 2 other vents on the intake itself we capped on some of the Outfront motors we saw here, but that's been 12+ years ago so I'm not sure what they do with them today...

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