The post gave me the impression that he had resurfaced with some new business scheme, but I think that Instagram post has been around for a while.  It has 12,000 followers, but only 5 posts. 

The time stamp on the weeks reunion post is 5 hours ago.  Gunther works just finished that 400R a few months ago.  I have mutual friends with DV.  He is now at Gunther Werks.  Has been for a while. 

A debtor's new business address is of no use to the creditor.  Once a debtor files bankruptcy, the creditor cannot contact him/her, as that contact would violate the Bankruptcy Code, and they could be sued by the debtor.  Contact is limited to the debtor's BK attorney or court-appointed trustee.  I think Verwers filed with the California Central Division, but Google will have all the data.

Creditors already face financial loss, stress and a feeling of abandonment and resentment in a system that is not designed to help them.  The last thing they need is additional legal jeopardy.  My sympathies to all involved.

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I was in the mind set as it was stated some time ago a car was on consignment at Seduction and sold, the seller didn't receive the proceeds. Since that sale didn't evolve from Seduction's physical  inventory that is a different can of worms.

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Emphasis to Jim's post.

No room for amateurs.  Like a lot of our laws, Bankruptcy law has little to do with common sense and or fairness.  Violating the Bankruptcy code can expose violators to unpleasant experiences, including jail time.

Guys& Gals

I have a few things to say about this issue (I will keep this short) 

I had done a lot of business with DV over the last 7 years with that being said I think i know him fairly well. I know this is a unfortunate situation for all involved so i felt i would shed some light on to what has been going on with some of the builds left to be finished. I have been in touch with most (if not all) of his customers that have builds that need to be finished, I have been working with them one by one to try to salvage there builds and get them on the road,with the help of DV I think we can make most of these customers smile again.  I think this process will take some time as we already have our plate full with current builds but I am pretty confident we can make most of these customers happy.

I have had a few conversations with DV and i don't think it was his intentions to do what he did, I do have almost all of the bodies and frames and lots of parts for builds so i would think if he planned this then most of the customers would have nothing. 




There is no more honorable, reliable and, in my opinion, better builder and decent guy than Greg Leach.   No surprise whatsoever that he is helping the customers of DV  with their builds, in the hope that all will smile again.   I remain fortunate and delighted that Greg was my builder and have a speedster I couldn’t live without. My thanks to Greg and his team for all they do for all of us

Greg, I sure hope you can help these folks with their builds. Hard to fathom someone running up $1MM in debt without having the intentions to do so. Also, it is a bit difficult to stomach him lying to a customer of his about selling their car for them, and keeping 100% of the proceeds of that sale via Bankruptcy. To me, that is theft, not "business". 

In the event not already EMPHASIZED:  Those who are out $$ need to file claims with the Bankruptcy Court.  Filings are time sensitive.  If you do not file before the deadline, and you are not listed as a creditor, you could jeopardize your chances for recovering any of the $$ you are out.  Do the cost benefit thing, how much are you out versus what it will cost to get a claim filed.  Keep in mind, generally, if you don't live in the jurisdiction of the Bankruptcy Court, it may be wise to get some legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney licensed in the jurisdiction.

Life lesson:  Control is an illusion.  We have little or no control over what happens to us.  We have absolute control on how we respond.  Crying time is over.  How you got here is academic, what you do now, can result you getting some CHC (cold hard cash).

Stuff like this sucks.  We all win with more owners, vendors & suppliers. 

Anyone know Chip Saggau from Scottsdale AZ another thief that just got out of prison.He sold many cars that did not belong to him a total of 3.5 Million. He was best friends with Alice Cooper.He is paying $50.00 a month what joke.The good thing is he is on parole for the next 5 years.He got me for $15,000 don’t if I’ll ever see any of it. My email is 

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