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Windshield wipers are present and work marginally well. Some of us use Rain-X which has a sheeting effect on rainwater, but the real issue is the as delivered defroster performance. I consider my car to be a "raw sports car" with minimal weather protection and loud, spirited, clunky performance. In other words, I love it. Daily driver....not this cowboy. Also, my classic car insurance with a stated value policy precludes use for utilitarian purposes such as a to work commute in exchange for more favorable rate and terms.
John H.
I used to have a porsche 912E. It had great heating and defroster but the heating pipes rusted out. I was at college and did not have the money to fix the defroster. The only thing I had was a little cold air from the blower in the car which this car was a 1976 so it was hardly anything. How I remedied this was use Rain X Anti Fog. By george it worked great and it never foged up. So I did use it as a daily driver. If you get a JPS instead it has a defroster on it. So with the defrster and the anti fog you would not have a problem. Tha was my exerience. I presently live in Honolulu and am moving back to the East cost PA to be exact. When I get my speedster I will use it as daily transportation. So you can be asured that I will be using the anti fog. It works great as long as you dont smoke in the car. I would always leave the bottle in the car and if I needed it used a little more.
70k in five miles? Thats what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that these cars are as reliable as a new VW. Cool!

As for the old Million dollar thing. Interesting! Sorry not me! If I had it though I would do it. Milton Petrie ( a deceased billionaire)did the same thing. I wish I could walk into hospitals and just pick up the bill or pay for young couples dinners at restaurants. Takes money to be giving. (except for time)

Now I just have to find someone who wants a 98 Mustang GT instead of a Speedster!!
Michael, speedsters can be as reliable as newer cars but only if you stay on top of maintenance. Oil changes, valve adjustments, points and plugs, etc. If you slack on keeping it up you will be disappointed. Rember the components of this car were disigned (basically) more than 50 years ago and many of the parts on the car you end up with may be 25-30 years old.
Years ago I drove a real 1600 Super Speedster as a daily driver for two years without any real problems, and most replicas are probably a lot nore more reliable than it was. I even drove a Lancia Appia Zagato coupe as a daily driver and on long trips with no problems. The keys to reliability are how you drive/treat the car and regular maintenance.
I do drive mine to work two/three times a week but I can tell you I always have a little voice in my head that says "If that cell phone driver behind me hits me with that Suburban I will die)" and that about sums it up. Reliability---use a type four powerplant. This is just my one cents worth as I'm sure others have different views.

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