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"Jacking your 356 can cause damage. Our Jack Points transfer the jacking loads to the strongest parts of the chassis. Lifts can also use these locations with no damage to the bottom of your classic."

Allow me to humbly submit that anyone that can't jack their car up without damaging it has no business jacking it up in the first place.  An AAA membership is much cheaper.

That said, it looks like an elegant solution for a spacer on the torsion tube/spring plate cover on a Spyder.

@DannyP posted:

Which isn't the lowest part of the chassis, correct? Isn't the frame rail on a Beck Spyder the lowest point?

I used to jack up my old Spyder from the rear/nosecone transmission mount. Gets the whole back end up then jackstands under the frame rails.

Yes, but this bit looks like it would end up about where the frame rail does. I used to jack my spider like that, but the exhaust is in the way now.

I asked Carey about the weird collection of washers that the builder of my car used to space the spring plate covers. He said they use three spacers welded to the cover and one loose one to facilitate installation. This looks like it would replace the three spacers if it had the proper thickness and clearance for the spring plate.



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