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The owner of Jay See Enterprises has sold his company to EMPI.  It is reported that he will work for EMPI to insure that the change over goes smoothly. The products will still be manufactured here in the US thus maintaining the high quality of the Jay See product line..

There has been talk that EMPI is attempting to improve their product lines by having less made in China and more made in the US..............Bruce

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Spell Chek always works when you don't want it to.   It's  Jay Cee VW enterprises or near that. They a lot of high quality VW stuff. The one I really like is the crankcase plate for VW's. It never leaks. "O" ring instead of a gasket and each 6mm stud gets an "O" ring as well. Magnetic drain plug strong enough to pick up a hammer too.  Just high quality things like Vintage Speed makes.........Bruce

Troy, they don't sell seat belts.

They sell high quality go-fast made in the USA stuff that works. Period.

No-leak spring-loaded pushrod tubes.

Precision crank pulleys.

Beautiful oil filter mounts with pressure bypass so your filter doesn't explode.

And that's just the stuff that I own and use.

Really, you've never heard of Jack Sachette(JayCee)? How about Ron Lummus? Darrel Vittone(Inch Pincher)? Any of the Bergs? 

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