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I am a better person than my post
Tom, I am sorry about my post and my language. I consider John a very nice man and felt your post in poor taste. I also am very lucky to have a car that has been very error free. I realize that you and Kelly although what problems u have still love your JPS vehicles as much as I do mine.
I am sorry and hope you come to know and appreciate the person that John is as I have had the opportunity to discover.
I'm going to join Tom on this one: enough is enough. I think we have put out as much info as possible about what went right, what went wrong, and how it all played out. There is too much money and too much emotion involved here (a near-deadly combination, BTW) for any assessment to be completely objective, and therefore truly useful to any prospective buyers. For my part, I have tried to stay w/ the facts. To said prospective buyers: just consider the sources, and do your own research. The cars and owners, and likely all the builders, will be at Carlisle in May, and that is the best place to gather truly useful info. Hope to see you there.

this thread is ------- disgusting
anyone who questions John's integrity is ridiculous.
we all get caught up in the excitement of the order and forget what we are told. eddie is right jps states the cars are water resistant.
the comment about that john alleges is ridiculous.
if i was John I would look at at an attorney contactng some people regarding slander.
ps i drove my focked up jps last year to paso in pouring rain there and back with the windshield wipers working all the way. what a ------- up piece of ---- car.
i also find it offensive that the other JPS owners have not spoken up here.
John makes an incredible car. I have one that has been flawless less the few problems i mentioned in a previous post.
no one mentions that the green coup owner inflicted problems which brought it back to JPs for repairs.
Ps why sell the IM ya should sell that fucked up JPS. that sell of your IM really confuses me if the JPS is such a bad car.
a -------- HAPPY JPS OWNER





Really don't want to sell my Coupe. I think my issues are really minor and will ALL be rectified soon . . . . if JPS ever ships the long-promised parts. That said, everything has a price. PM me: hacksaw57 AT

JPS Coupe #1 IS for sale. See the post in classifieds: "contact John Magyar 757-340-1989 in Virginia Beach." John will tell you same story. JPS support is his issue as well.
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