Had a friend put a call out for cool cars to do a photo shoot. Didn’t think my coupe had what he was looking for, but I gave him a shout. Four hours worth of photos and videos resulted in this montage. 


For those on Instagram, give him a look-see (Shot By Dale). He’s got a lot of skills and talent. 


Hope you enjoy the video. 





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1955 JPS Porsche Carrera Coupe
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Ain’t it great having a special car you just love to drive?  One that you never get tired of opening that driver’s door and fitting yourself in?  One that excites you every time you turn that key and hear the engine fire up?  One that you just love grabbing that shift lever and putting it into first?

And the rest is pure automotive joy...

Todd M posted:
One Stripe posted:

Here’s some stills from the shot as well

Is that a stop watch on the steering wheel?  What is the 1 to 100 dial?  Minutes?

And, ..., your car is gorgeous.

Thanks Todd!  I get a lot of my inspiration from those on this forum!!!


The outer number ring is for the minutes. The inner number ring is for the seconds. 

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