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@dlearl476 posted:

Ever since someone mentioned the front wheel spacing in the wheelwell, I can't unsee it.

ETA: Not particularly this car, but lots of Speedster replicas. It's the VW pan-based cars that have the issue, right?  Or is it one particular manufacturer.  

Virtually all VW pan based cars were built with the uneven front wheel spacing until just recently when Greg Leach from Vintage Motorcars of California Inc. corrected the issue.

Vintage Speedsters built by the Arizona company are still being built with the front wheels off center.  I also noticed that they are installing bee hive tail lights directly on the body with no rubber seal.

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Swapping tires side for side is fine, unless you have directional tires.  Then, you just have to continue to wear out the inside edge.

But with our cars, and us not  putting on crazy miles each year, you still get a few good years out of the rear tires.

Not entirely true, if they are rotationally directional. But would require dismount/re-mount and balance.

But I do agree totally if they are labeled outside/inside.

For what it's worth, the inside of my rear tires never wear excessively. My car sits with about 3 degrees of negative camber, and has 1/16" total toe-in on the rear tires. I get about 15-20K on a set. I'm sure that will decrease some when I get my Vred Sportrac5s.

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@DannyP posted:

But would require dismount/re-mount and balance.

True. My problem is I procrastinated so long my usual guys at Discount tire won't touch them, because they're all the way down on the inside edge. I'll have to take them to the Llanta place on Main Street.

I was going to get Sportracs next Spring, but I think I'll wait until the fronts wear down and replace all 4. I'm kind of OCD about matching tires.

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