This is something that I have always wanted to try.  Can you give us some details?  What kind of machine?  Anything special...needle, thread, etc.?  What material are you using?  


this was an embarrassingly cheap and simple project. I borrowed my daughter’s beginner Singer sewing machine, bought needles and thread recommended for vinyl or thin leather, and used fake leather vinyl recommended on this forum. It took some practice runs, but it was certainly doable. I will attach pics when I get the pieces in the car.

270B2771-64C6-42D9-BAA5-DFCF2251DED8The best machines for home leather work are singer machines from the 60”. Or 70’s

they have full metal gears not plastic and can sew leather with ease not big leathers jackets with a lot of layers 

I have bought one and sew canvas and leather all the time there are sewing machine mechanics out there too

built like tanks

forums exist in these machines 




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