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This kit has been sitting since the 80's and is perched on an uncut 1974 chassis. I have wanted a Speedster for 45 years, and now I can't wait to get started.  I am not going to rip up the road with this car, but it will be beautiful and I cut no corners where safety is concerned. I don't want to ask questions before exhausting the search engine, but if anyone has tips they would like to offer, please feel free to chime in. I will start ordering lots of stuff next week.

This will be fun...

Mark in New Smyrna Beach IMG_5812IMG_5814IMG_5817IMG_5820Florida


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Brian (*longfella) has documented, very well I might add, his recent build in this thread. It drifts off topic at times but otherwise he led us on his amazing journey. There are many things to copy that he did. His build involves a body from a different maker but it will have many similarities.

Also, Alan (drclock) is our resident expert Speedster builder so he is a remarkable asset. Since you already signed up as a "Supporting Member" it shows you are committed to the process. There are many valuable resources available in the "Resource Library" and as a SM you have access to that.

Welcome to the Madness! Don't ask what it means but give it just a little bit of time and you'll understand.

Drumagination posted:


40 hours to finish the project is for the builder with "average skills." I have allocated 41.25 hours on my schedule.

When a new guy comes on here, buys a kit, and posts about a build-- I tend to look at pictures of his shop.

If the pictures of the car in the building are your shop, we're all in for a treat. 

That is a legit, working shop. High ceilings, pallet-racking, a blast cabinet,  a hose reel, a parts washer, etc. There's no fru-fru coating on the floor, which means that brakes will get bled, and fluids will get dropped without concern for the finish. This car has every possibility of getting finished, assuming Mark will have time for it.

I wish you well. Keep us up to date as much as you can. And.. WTTM!

Welcome to the Madness Mark, good info here and a lot of good times...perhaps a trip up north to Carlisle show in May where you can see over 40 different speedsters, ask questions, sources, deals on parts and enjoy beverages .  Your car looks like it's in better than the usual condition. I've done a good number of speedster builds and have it down to under 200 hours,  glad to help you with ideas etc However your hours will surely vary ) I'll  have to go now,  every Saturday morning with my cup of coffee I go looking for that last zero that fell off :~)

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Panhandle Bob can attest to my 28 year build - the "retired in FL" tends to become a time warp.  Good to see yet another build in FL.  I'm hoping DrClock will buy a Winnebago and take his talents on the road.  I see guys along the road "will work for beer" - just hoping! 

Check out Jogyver build - and Mango's too.

Image result for winnebago with porsche painted on side

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Take the advice of the good folks out here and THROW THE CMC WIRING HARNESS OUT THE WINDOW!!!. I'm in the middle of the CMC I have and a bike I'm doing for a Bonneville run so I'm spreading my funds thin -ex-wife didn't help either. So I figured "OH yeah, I can straighten that mess out with a meter an save for sweet set of race connecting rods for the bike. Well, frugality has its limits. Spend the $150 or whatever and the throw the CMC rats nest of wiring away. Trust me, it say orange with black stripe  when there is no orange with black stripe. Then you say "Well, they must have substituted...", no, just crappy wiring. 

Do as these guys say. You'll benefit from their pain and suffering. Did I say throw it out? F%^king windshield gave me gray hair too.It was like like grabbing a sensitive spot of Mike Tyson hoping nothing would go wrong.  Just saying. 

This is why I have a very large pair of scissors in my rolling tool box , it's sole mission is to go up under the dash making half a dozen random snips and be done with it. A replacement VS harness is easy peasy. When I buy a project and get a loose CMC harness, I cut it up for loose pieces of wire for stock. 

Perhaps Wolfgang is onto something, maybe beginning this fall, I'll make myself available as a fly in consultant for pre-purchase inspections, windshield installation guidance or pay a visit to that particular facility that has had your build way too long.

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