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Now don't forget that CMC advertised you could build that car in just 40 hours.  So I would pace myself at 10 hours per week and be done in a month.


LOL. I've got 40 hours into the Thing Shroud/TypeIV oil cooler/Thermostat project I did on my Beck this winter. (And I still haven't figured out the return spring yet.)

Interesting take on installing the windshield , I've not done any of my windshield installs like that but, I totally get what you went for doing it with the straps., rather ingenious approach.


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Yeah, pretty smart IMHO. I guess I could do it a similar way on my Spyder, using the gas tank hold-downs instead of bumper brackets. Really great idea.

I have had several guys ask about my headlights....

I wanted halos since there are lots of elderly drivers here in Florida. Not period correct, but I like them. 00113B99-2E8B-408D-BCF6-C5D760110C11161C068D-8B1C-4178-A7EC-C6C58BEA3195

do an eBay search

7 led headlight round


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Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I have been on the fence about the halos on my own build, but you have convinced me that it is the way forward. I think they look great and add to safety.

Really impressed with your 3 D printing. I was going to print sone badging too, but your steering wheel hub and switches are next level! Kudos!

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