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@Karyadi thanks for posting that pic, Eddie! I think one of the Porsche guys at that Porsche Experience is also in one of the local Range Rover clubs. A few years ago I was invited by a local Land Rover Dealership for a 50th Anniversary event. My '91 Rover was one of the featured cars. It was a rare Great Divide Edition. I miss that bad boy.

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Have you been able to do the Porsche 'Experience' and drive one of the cars around their track. Very awesome. Cuz'n Vinnie did it and he was speechless afterward. It would be cool to take your Coupe around that track (if that were possible).

Hope to see you down the road, my brutha! 


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You can drive at the track only using their cars, which are the new cars, 911, 718, Panamera. I believe the only exception that I know is last November when they did the 3 years anniversary, if you know somebody, you can do a parade lap with your own car.

No, I have not driven on the PEC track, I am watching my budget. I have watched plenty of time as it is free (my kind of budget)

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