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I just joined the group today and am glad to have found some fellow enthusiasts.  I bought my Speedster Saturday and am looking forward to many sunny days.  I had a Devin-bodied Super 90 when I was stationed in Berlin back in 1967.  I drove it from Berlin to Munch during a December blizzard - - with no top!  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Since then, I've had a number of 356s and 912s, as well as a couple of 911s, but the Speedster outshines them all.  It's even better than the Devin!

Dick J in East Texas


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Sweet CMC; the sane widebody variety (Speedster C or Californian?). This was the one that blew my mind when I was in high school. Could see them displayed along with some other models at some choice airports across the country and mainly at the Miami airport due to the company being based there. I remember I sent out for the assembly manual that came in a brown plastic binder. That was the only thing I could afford back then being a kid but it fueled my daydreaming about acquiring a Speedster replica. It finally happened about 25 years later. And we are still here with almost 19 years of ownership and these cars still fascinate me and blow my mind. After all these years of ownership I can still sit and stare at it and marvel at that beauty. Call me a total Speedster maniac. I guess you will be joining us. Welcome!

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