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Got to spend time with Greg at VM. WOW! I didn't realize how busy he is. I mean, I knew he was busy... but he is SUPER busy!

Engine pick: 2332cc (~150hp, 155tq). A mellow 2332cc build he started making. Should be perfect for the Coupe and my driving style.

Transmission: Keeping the one I have. It has the same gearing my Speedster did and that worked perfectly.

Now to find some late 50's Porsche Coupe quarter windows to restore...

Feels good to actually wrench/work on this Coupe. I think having more then one weekend "toy" was too much with everything going on...

I was able to take the quarter windows apart and start the refurb process. All new rubbers and parts are in. Trim went to Greg at VM to help with re-chroming (I don't have anyone I know that does it).

Also paid for the engine in full and Greg had an idea for a nice coating on the custom A1 exhaust - excited to see how it turns out!

I also got a few dress up items for the engine to give it a more authentic look (similar to the Speedster engine).

Moving along... moving along...



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