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@RacerX posted:

That Coupe is so sanitary! What interior color are you going with?


Brian in Murrieta

My wifey and I are/were big GoT fans, so we named the Coupe "Whitewalker"... That being said, I am using the color scheme from the Whitewalker character.

White, black, grey, and blue

Exterior: White with black accents (luggage rack and rims are black, minimal trim to no trim - might do bumpers with fog lights with blue lights)

Interior: Grey german sq. weave, blue leather (door panels, seats, etc.) - the shifter is white, steering column is white, knobs are black, shifter knob is black...

01637898-D0F1-4F93-95D7-CDEC6E679D73DEC67B7F-17E8-4C30-AAEE-5A7238E54367BA7A54C9-53C8-48DC-AFDD-864D441B153F1C784918-8605-4A96-8B92-F2401409711BF9B50B6D-36D4-4FAF-BB23-3DD893CBEEA5F4C1B483-DFBA-49DF-8E54-A3999FAA0995It’s been to long, but I do lurk on the site from time to time. I‘ve been tracking @arajani build. Like him, I work in Healthcare and this year has been a little sideways to say the least.

Thought I’d share a few pics. I got her shoes on and moved her outside since I am finally getting the garage finished up. Once that is done... yes I’ve said this before... I’ll get to work on finishing this thing!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the first time she has been outdoors with tires on next to my daily and Eleanor... LOL!


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  • 01637898-D0F1-4F93-95D7-CDEC6E679D73
  • DEC67B7F-17E8-4C30-AAEE-5A7238E54367
  • BA7A54C9-53C8-48DC-AFDD-864D441B153F
  • 1C784918-8605-4A96-8B92-F2401409711B
  • F9B50B6D-36D4-4FAF-BB23-3DD893CBEEA5
  • F4C1B483-DFBA-49DF-8E54-A3999FAA0995
@TRP posted:


What's the hold up on that coupe? Looking good!  Be careful calling that car Elanor or maybe you're okay because it's not a mustang

I hope you and the family are doing well!


Family is doing great - thank you for asking!

Hold up on the Coupe is really just finding the time to get it done. There are some things I would like to do, but likely don't have to expertise so that means reaching out to Greg and asking for help/doing work.... then that means finding the time to get the Coupe up to Greg's and back... fitting in his busy a@@ scheduled... etc, etc, etc...

My Speedster is Eleanor... the Coupe is called Whitewalker ;-) Got it's name from Game of Thrones and the "whitewalker" character... that is where I got the idea for the color theme (white, black, blue, grey)...

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