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Well they do look similar and mine is an ILCO 64K if you look Sierra Madre has them but I have no clue if the have the P name or logo on them.  Actually, I went back and the price for the plain is $9.00 and the PORSCHE NAME on the key is $29 . 

Now if you put it in a key chain can you see the Name at all?  I guess it might worth it to you to have the name on it.... the extra $20 is the P tax.

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@ALB posted:

A suggestion- buy the cheaper key (your car really isn't a Porsche, after all) and drill some holes in it-

lightened key- Anand

it'll look way cooler! (I believe this is Anand's lightened key)

AL, where were you I kept looking for you on the posts, finally, a holy post.  

Actually, if your into body piercing you have many choices to choose from in this key, pretty cool too. 

On the other hand if you bury it in a small key fob, you can't see any writing and no holes



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