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Pretty cool how you finally decided on the color: just use the same paint as is on the lift.  That should do it.

This car is going to be quite something. As I pretty much understand the engineering that is under the skin (having pestered Carey mercilessly a year + ago at Carlisle) I know how it's going to go: fast and sure. E-N-V-V-I-O-U-S.  Especially concerning that suspension.

ALB/Yoda: The Type-R too bad you ruined your chance to test that rascal.  Alan is correct that 2.0 four-banger will turn around 300 hp if tweaked.  My Accord Sport 2.0T has that engine and runs at 250+ hp.  I'm at about 15k mi on my 2018 6-spd version and it is a REALLY great car.  For "sporty sedan" it is all you could want. OK maybe a Bimmer, but seriously, for the money and reliability, the Honda really can't be beat.

Oh, but the sound! 

You first.

The sound card is getting overplayed in every car magazine and venue everywhere. You know what sounds good? An engine in good tune.

I'm at a weird point in my life where I'm starting to like the sound of a flat 4 at full song almost as much as a pushrod V8, unmuffled.

None of them will ever sound as good as a 2-stroke street bike coming on it's pipe, but any engine running well is like music.

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I'll take my flat 4 any day. Or my flat 6. Or like Stan says, any engine in good tune.

I agree with the 2-stroke "coming on the pipe" statement. A 2 stroke model airplane engine on the pipe between 15 and 20 thousand rpm is musical indeed. Especially if it's Italian(Super Tigre or Rossi) and going right by you in excess of 120mph! Raises the hair on the back of your neck it does.

A flat 6 is almost as good as that Ferrari flat 12. It has 3 pulses per revolution instead of 6, so much of the same harmonics. A V8 has 4 pulses per revolution, a flat 4 has 2 pulses, so a whole different set of frequencies and harmonics are produced. Then you get into flat-plane crankshafts versus cross-plane, another whole set of different.

Science, don't blind me with it.

I had a Honda RS 125 two stroke GP bike I bought from a guy that imported used ones from Japan.  It was modified with a carbon fiber/kevlar ram intake with an air-box.  The sound that made when it hit 12-13,000 RPM and the intake and expansion chamber!  It was enough to make Helmholtz himself cry for joy.  There was also the power boost from them working together, that thing was a blast to ride.

It's sort of weird too, that Lane's transaxle has a clear plexiglas rear cover just like mine. I made my cover to protect what was behind it, even though there isn't anything there. I don't know why. I just thought something was missing ? I think this end does get an aluminum cover and yes it will have cable shifting. To me, cable shifting seems scary, a little hokey (from my experiences with morse cables) and not precision but that is what is the current choice.  The whole idea of being able to remotely shift a 5 speed is more complex than my little pea brain can handle ! Except when someone had some really good "whacky backey" to make things "perfectly clear" ! Ha ha  !!..........Bruce


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