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No worries, Ray.  Regarding the shift action, when I moved from the VW-style shifter to the CSP in my Speedster the change in crispness and the lack of play was amazing.  The reason is that the stock shifter has a spring under it so that you can push it down to get into reverse.  That spring makes it feel floppy.  The CSP, along with Vintage shifters and EMPI trigger shifters removes that spring under the shifter and uses a moving trigger of some sort as the reverse lockout.  The trigger also includes a spring, but it's not in the same place.

Gee all this time I thought it was the spring that gave us a good gait.   

The shift. rod sticks out On the tranny and the gates are all inside the tranny as far As I know which is not like the VW where the shifter has to have the reverse lock out plate.

My. Arm chair quarterback question was really about the shifter itself, sorry

We modified an EMPI Shifter to have the stiffness of it help to give us a more positive shift feel, we took out the trigger and replaced it with an SS collar.  I was even thinking of swapping in a vintage shifter  as it must have a similar Setup to see if the shifting would be any better with everyone that has a vintage liking it in On this forum.


I love how we all tell Lane what he ought to do, now that he's already getting it done

... but since we're talking about wheels: I'd do them in the same satin silver as the mirrors, and absolutely leave them capless.

Seriously, Lane-- it's your car, and it's beautiful. I'm really, really hoping it's done in time for me to pitch it out sideways for you. I've never gotten a ticket in NC before, and I've got the makings of a pretty complete set. 

@Stan Galat posted:

Are you ready to share any shots of your car with the wheels mounted, Bob? I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. 

Well, I've been waiting for a replacement part for the car so I can take some complete shots of it.  Long story...but it harkens back to Carlisle 2019 when I lost a headlight grill, and I've been trying to get a powder coated replacement to match the remaining one.  

Who knew powder coating matches were so finicky.

Should be soon.

Last edited by Bob: IM S6

Another thing I like about chrome. 

By the way, I spoke to Carey this morning and we are not using the wheels shown on the rear.  He has a set of two that are 0.5" wider, but more importantly they're 1.5" deeper dished, so they fill out the rear wheel better and still clear the fenders.  What that means is I could get some made that are 1.5" to 2" wider that should still fit the rear if I want wider tires.  Not gonna do it right now, but it is on the list for future consideration.  He's gonna get the new rear wheels blasted and painted this week.

Also happening this week is the fabrication of the floor and engine cover panels.

Also, matching existing powder-coated stuff for hue is prob'ly the same as me parking Pearl in a line-up of other white 356s and then noticing that no two of them are ever the same.  There is no same gray, just as there is no same white.

Gordon:  So true.  Even with the original RAL code for the powder coating, we weren't able to get a match.   I think it's even more difficult than matching paint.


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