IaM-Ray posted:

@Marty Grzynkowicz what fuchs?

I like that car but not the rear vent I just would not want to Depend on it

The interior though is pretty cool . 

Ray.  That rear vent is most likely a removable panel, in order to gain access to the pulley for changing the belt(s).  Henry accomplishes this by a rectangular cutout behind a fold down licence plate.

Marty those are replicas ?  Size?


Your new steering wheel is really nice and 

Bob’s wheels are really awesome too

 both areas I might upgrade in the future.

Can you believe how fast the driving seasons are flying by...  2020 makes your baby 8 years old 

Lane Anderson posted:

Ok, here are some rough designs.  The trick will be getting Mike Lempert's aluminum cutters to program their water jet machines correctly.  Anyway, these are some of the top contenders.  The top one is mistakenly labelled '7' in the upper right.  It's actually #8, and the current top contender.Wheel 3

They look kinda cool, I guess if your bent out of shape you can feel at home. 

More seriously having holes is a bit more genteel for a 50's car while the others are a bit more chunky.  I like this one and it looks a bit like Bob's 

This wheel is from a hudson but looks a lot like a Banjo P wheel with half ring.  Benzai had the P one on his car. 

I think the more slender the wheel and the spokes the more 50's Euro it will look. 

Or an early 50's 4 spoke. 



Momo Style Emory style build wheel, notice the 58 dash a la Greg in CA. @JMM (Michael) might be a choice for you.


Photos (3)

Being set in my ways... Marty's new wheel, an original VDM wheel with P Horn button is awesome then an original banjo with full horn ring or half ring are my favourite and I would like to try 420mm for fun.  I know it is old style but I still like them  



Photos (3)

Terry Nuckels has called replica speedsters "paper dolls for middle-aged men" (or some such thing). He's right.

And when you drill down to the bottom of all the personal decisions we make deciding how to make our cars "just so", what each of us decide to use for a steering wheel is probably the most intensely personal decision any of us make specing our cars.

I don't care for any of Lane's choices, or really any of the suggestions any of us have made for him. But what I like doesn't matter even a tiny little bit. This is Lane's car, and what Lane chooses to stare at every time he's inside his car is Lane's decision. I'd no more suppose to know what's best for Lane than I would suppose to know who he should marry or what food he should like to eat.

Some choices can't be made by committee.

I don't think I can like Stan's comment above quite enough!

That being said, for a darker wood, check out some ribbon Mahogany, Lane. It might be what you're after. I built a bass guitar out of a 2" x 12" slab of it. I think it's a gorgeous hunk of wood. I built the guitar because a friend of mine at the time told me I couldn't build a guitar LOL! He didn't know me very well. I dood it!

If I were to ditch the wooden wheel, and get one for more spirited driving, I'd go with a MOMO leather wheel, in a smaller diameter.  I actually have considered doing this.


You can't beat one of these for giving confidence on the track (or on the road).  You just want to drive when you grab one of these wheels.  

Marty Grzynkowicz posted:

I think Bob  and me are just showing Lane the color of the wood.  For an outlaw he can do many things.   Even some cool leather.  

Agreed, Marty.  The discussion got on about different woods, and that's all my post was.  No committee gang up here...

Lane wood have to make up his own mind, wooden he?  Or, he could ask his wife, and leather make up his mind. 


Stan Galat posted:

I don't care for any of Lane's choices, or really any of the suggestions any of us have made for him. But what I like doesn't matter even a tiny little bit

Some choices can't be made by committee.

Stan likes NONE of the choices Lane has depicted and NONE that have been suggested??

wtf dood?

I mean, yeah, that page of modern Momo contestants was pretty wrong for this application but...really? None?

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