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ALB posted:

@MusbJim wrote- "THIS is what a MAN's car has for a steering wheel... "

And the shifter too- you know, I've always wondered what something like that feels like to drive...

Al, That chain-link shifter is OK, but a real lady's man has this shifter to impress the babes...3.1950-Studebaker-Convertible-Hot-Rod a Gold Star on your 'Man Card' if you use only your cheek and shoulder to shift it!   @ALB


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  • 3.1950-Studebaker-Convertible-Hot-Rod

More pictures from the lovely and talented Mr. Hines.  He tells me it should be in paint soon.

Somehow  they were able to salvage the headlight buckets from my Speedster, despite the front end damage, and incorporate them here.

Front view - Speedster bucketsBucket backsideGas cap opening

The gas cap opening incorporates a spill tray.

Hinges assembled

New engine lid (really a trunk in this car) hinges from the laser cutter, freshly assembled.

Mounting engine coverDash


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  • Front view - Speedster buckets
  • Bucket backside
  • Gas cap opening
  • Hinges assembled
  • Mounting engine cover
  • Dash

For you "Newbies" in here, Lane's car being built at the Carlisle show, 2006.  AFAIK, this was the only car ever built at the Carlisle Kit Car Show to this level.  14 "builders" from the SOC, 16 hours, lotsa swears, one happy customer:


Speedster build 007


Speedster build 025


Speedster build 129

The awesome build team (a few more guys were elsewhere).  Any of you who want to meet Carey from Special Editions, he's in there, but help me out, guys, left to right:

Bill Drayer, Greg ?, Gordon Nichols, Rocky Cimbrec, Tom Buchanan? (or is that "Schu"?), Bruce Stumpp, Guy in back ??, Chris Nichols, Carey Hines, Danny Piperato, Karl Macklin, Lane in the driver's seat.  I know we're missing 4 or 5 people here.



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  • Speedster build 007
  • Speedster build 025
  • Speedster build 129
  • buildteam
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A couple more pictures from the erstwhile Mr. Hines (I'm running out of adjectives).

"dash is in and it is in line for final primer.  QC will go over the body and then we’ll know if it is just a light scuff before paint or if anything else needs addressed.

I do know they were not 100% happy with a few gaps and were going over this one last time, but thats quick and easy"


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