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I don't know, Stan, it may never be too late for some enlightened advice.

I saved Bob Carley from driving a thoroughly boring car by pointing him towards these beauties at the last minute. He was on the phone with Henry the next day changing the order:


And now that I see these again, I'm thinking they'd look pretty sporty on a blue C coupe, too. Lane, are you listening?

There's no such thing as too much good advice.



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@Lane Anderson

To Lane the ever patient - This might brighten your day a little.  Allen Sisson and his similarly colored coupé.  Allen is the current president of the 356 club up here and his coupé was restored by Meister Restorations up in "Cow Hampshire" over six years.

Different model from yours?  Well, Peter Venuti is (slowly, over years) restoring a B or C coupé (I can't remember which) but I doubt that it'll be Bali Blue.  He needs something that looks good with his Bernese Mountain Dog.


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La la la la la - I’m not listening - la la la la!

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Hey.  Those wheels are one of a kind - actually, four of a kind - so no one better dis me by hocking my look.

I will be eternally grateful for my bud Mitch for that design.  What more could a speedster owner want?

Subtlety supreme...

@Former Member posted:

To Sacto Mitch: Do those wheels come in pink ? Asking for a friend.

Ok, that really cracked me up!

One of the things that makes this a truly great forum is how quickly things can go off track and fly way past left field.  I frequent the FJ Cruiser forum daily as well and I'm constantly amazed at how little it takes before a moderator is warning someone to 'keep it on topic'.  The number of posts in older threads by different 'banned members' is astounding- I've never read so many posts by so many different people who no longer frequent that forum, and I'm guessing it only takes a few warnings and you've gotten the boot.  Well, except for a couple of continuing 'anything goes' threads where people can let loose, but even in those I've seen someone told that 'this isn't appropriate here (and I'm thinking you've gotta be kidding- the mods would go nuts over on SOC!).

Oh- I just wanted to say that the car's looking pretty great Lane!  Al 

Carey tells me the car could well be finished by the end of next week (woohoo!) and sent some cool pics of the interior going in.  They're showing unfinished stuff but one of 'em is really cool, so...

...I'm not posting 'em yet.  Gotta have some surprises for y'all, don't I?  We both agreed that he should put some miles on it before I take possession, so it's an open question as to whether I will get it before Carlisle or at Carlisle.  Time will be tight for both of us, so we will figure it out a little closer to the momentous date.

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@calmotion posted:

@Lane Anderson gorgeous is right. Are you doing a week shake done and drive home or deliver?

Not sure.  I'll get it at Carlisle and Carey and I need to figure out if it's best for me to drive my wife's car (or a rental truck) up with a trailer or if Beck will just deliver it to me.  Leaning toward the former although I've never towed anything that far.  I don't think I'll feel confident enough to drive it back 750 miles since it's the first production car.

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