I'm considering spending a few bucks and getting a personalized licence plate.  If I do this, I need to order before our government brings out the ugly new licence plates on February 1.

Options are:

911 IM6

993 IM6


The car is based on a 911, with a 993 engine, made by Intermeccanica.

I can't decide which of the above is more appropriate.

Thoughts?  Other suggestions?  (up to 8 characters on the plate)

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Bob, I don't know if it's even a possibility for you, but I got year of manufacture(YOM) plate for my Spyder. It's registered as a 1956, so I was able to procure a 1956 New York plate on ebay. The department of motor vehicles has a custom plate department, employing people who actually seem to enjoy their job. I called them up and gave them the plates(there were several on ebay) I was considering, and the nice lady gave me the go on one, so I bought it. She even put a 90 day hold on the number so nobody but me could get that one.

The cool part is it's a 1955 plate with a 1956 tag in the corner. There is a little rust around the edges: patina.  The coolest part: for just those two years, there is only one plate. So I can never get a ticket for not displaying a front plate!

Al Gallo posted:

I saw an old Conn.  plate in one of the local gin mills, 370H55V ,nailed to the wall upside down.  Not for you though, Bob.  SPDSTR6  is more civil. 

I like SPDSTR6 for Bob's plate. 

That's a good Conn. plate, Al.  Back in the '90's I was a member of the New England BSA club and still have my old plate   BEEZA  .

People think my plate is personalized because the first 3 are NOO. I bought a '55 plate because my car is registered as a '55 Beck but I slid past the MVA with a 50 year old street rod tag, so only 1 plate required and I don't want to chance them saying.....wait a minute, that's not a 50 year old car!

Bob: IM S6 posted:

I knew the assembled brain trust here would have some ideas.

Heck, it's a dull, cold, snowy day here, so what better way for me to find something interesting to do - ain't no way I can drive the car. 

No snow for you. 

42, rain today, 46 and rain tomorrow. Zero snow on the ground now in mid-January, I'll take it

I like the plate referencing anything Speedster 

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